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Delicate Simple Yin Yang Balance Necklace$55
Delicately Simple Soaring Bird Necklace$42
Giving Tie FREE With Purchase$0.00
Zen Garden Patina Bangles$147
Zen Garden Patina Rings$104
Blessing Band / Breathe Believe Receive$72.00
Personalized Cuff Bracelet Set$52.00
Serenity Patina Stacking Cuffs$45.00
THREE Bangle Bracelets Silver Copper Gold$72.00
Ginkgo Leaf Earrings$42
Customized Stacking Bangle with Charms$13.00
Green Patina Teardrop Earrings$42
Simple Choker Necklace$32.
Hammered Sterling, Gold, or Rose Gold Oval Earrings$32
Starry Night Patina Stacking Bangles$174.00
Blessing Band / Smile Breathe & Go Slowly$84.00
Mint Patina Nugget Stacking Rings$104
Mixed Metal Nugget Stacking Rings$78
Nu Gold Genuine Turquoise Ring$79.00
Blessing Band / Truthful Gentle Fearless$82.00
Genuine Turquoise Oval Silver Ring$49
Rose Gold Nugget Stacking Rings$78
Simple Sterling, Rose, or Yellow Gold Oval Ring$38.00
Festival Patina Stacking Rings$104.00
Moonstone Rustic Cocktail Ring$111.00
THREE SKINNIES Silver Copper Gold Cuff Bracelets$41.00
Hand Dyed THIN Silk Wrap Power Phrase Cord Bracelet$43.00
Personalized Just Breathe Gold Cuff$46.00
Sterling Silver Elephant Necklace$67.00
I AM Centered Empowering Necklace$62.00