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Ocean Jasper Leather Wrap Bracelet$78
Peace Comes From Within Empowering Necklace$55.00
Blessing Band Cuff / Be. The. Light.$63.00
Blessing Band Cuff / Explore Travel Adventure Live$69
Silver Rectangle Hoops Organically Shaped$39
What Goes Around Comes Around Leather Karma Bracelet$64
Sterling Silver or German Silver Genuine Turquoise Ring$84.00
Blessing Band / What If I Fall? Oh My Darling What If You Fly?$84.00
Copper, Nu Gold, or Silver Spear Earrings$26
Organically Shaped Nu Gold Rectangle Hoops$34
Hammered German Silver Cuffs$12
Sterling Silver Elephant Necklace$67.00
Green Patina Dragonfly Trust Necklace$48.00
Sterling Silver Lotus Earrings$55.00
Stacking Mala Bracelets with Prayer Beads$31
FABULOUS Custom Designed Brown Leather Fringe Bag$352
Personalized Fine Metal Rings$44
Personalized Rings$28.00
Rustic Silver Spinner Ring$101.00
Gold Simple Circle Ring$38.00
Rustic Inspirational Silver Copper and Gold Spinner Ring$101.00
Om Mani Padme Hum Cuboid Brass Necklace$46
Blessing Band / Breathe Believe Receive$72.00
Gold Eternity Ring$43.00
CLEARANCE Traditional Patina Stacking Bangles – MARKED DOWN 20% FROM ORIGINAL PRICE!$104
Silver Eternity Ring$43.00