GRL PWR Summer 2018

A new era is beckoning. A new empowered time is on the horizon. Each of us has a voice and we must own it. GRL PWR is a celebration of the power of female energy which is sensitive, emotionally intelligent, collaborative, powerful, and diverse. I’m hopeful that we are evolving toward a more balanced direction of thought in which all people are seen, heard, respected, and valued and their authenticity is celebrated. It’s important that we have the bravery, respect and diligence to move in this new direction. This world can be powerfully collaborative and can and should be linked and not ranked. Each person has something unique and of value to offer; we need to create space to allow for a sharing of different perspectives. It is time we hear more deeply and see more clearly. This is what will foster the unprecedented growth in our country and in our world. This is what GRL PWR celebrates!

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