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Pink Tourmaline Electroformed Ring$55
Alchemy Birthstone Ring$60.00
Alchemy Birthstone Cuff$84.00
Amethyst Stud Earrings$40
Kindred Personalized Bangles$69.00
Family Birthstone Ring$68
Heart Stud Earrings$40
New Paradigm Love Bangles$62
Personalized Elliptical Necklace$64
Petite Initials Necklace$43.00
You & Me Heart Necklace$45
Delicate Charms For Charmlet Bracelet$8
Delicate Personalized Charmlet Bracelet$24
Druzy Earrings$34
Flying Heart Necklace$68
Luna Necklace Moon Drop$59
Secret Message Twist Necklace$76
Simple XO Stud Earrings$40
Wide Silver Heart Ring$58.00
XO Bracelet Cuff$52
You Have My Heart Cuff$44.00
Kindred Personalized Organic Rings$70
Blessing Band / I Love Us$86.00
She Believed She Could So She Did Personalized Cuff with Heart$110.00
Personalized Cuff Bracelet Set$68.00
Mens Personalized Custom Coordinate Leather Cuff$80
Eternity Gold & Silver Necklace$88.00
CLEARANCE Through Thick & Thin Connected Bangle Set$111
Blessing Band Cuff / Love Family Happiness Health$75.00
Raised Heart Necklace$42