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Best Friend / Bridesmaid Moon Necklaces$58
Bold Gold Circle Infinite Necklace$68.00
Through Thick & Thin Connected Bangle Set$104
Peace Comes From Within Empowering Necklace$55.00
Blessing Band Cuff / Love Family Happiness Health$69
You Are My Heart Cuff Set Silver Slim + Copper Skinny Cuff$78
2 Inch Gold Heart Hoops$49
Rose Gold Heart Hoops$49
I Love You Mama Personalized Cuff Set$92
You Are Loved Personalized Cuffs$62.00
Love You Mom Personalized Bracelet Cuff$62.00
Blessing Band Cuff / Breathe Believe Receive$66
Let Your Love Soar Necklace$45.00
Fine Metal Rose Gold and Silver Heart Ring$75.00
Blessing Band Cuff / I Love Us$61
Empowering Crown Ring$59.00
Love Stack Silver and Copper Stacking Rings$88
Initials Love Ring$50.00
2 Inch Silver Heart Hoops$44
Personalized Fine Metal Bar Necklace$59.00
Simple Heart Necklace$57.00
YOU ARE LIFE Necklace$83.00
Green Patina Dragonfly Trust Necklace$48.00
Sterling Silver Lotus Earrings$55.00
You Are Wrapped Around My Heart Ring – Whimsical$50.00
Stacking Ring Set with Heart Ring$103.00
Personalized Rings$28.00
Love Stack Rose Stacking Rings$88
Personalized Gold and Sterling Initial Stacking Ring$37.00
Silver Infinity Ring$43.00