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Alchemy Birthstone Cuff$84.00
Alchemy Birthstone Ring$60.00
Dainty Birthstone Ring$28.00
Family Birthstone Ring$62.00
Kindred Personalized Bangles$63.00
Orbit of Love Personalized Charm Necklace$46.00
Petite Initials Necklace$39.00
The Circlet Necklace$45.00
Custom Mothers Day Gift For Mom – Peas In a Pod Necklace$57.00
Mom Is Our Universe Personalized Bangle$81.00
Mother Daughter Dandelion Necklace Set$45.00
Personalized Encircles Necklace In Sterling Silver$70.00
Personalized Sterling Silver Leaf Nesting Necklace$69.00
Sterling Silver Mom and Crown Ring$87
Kindred Personalized Organic Rings$64.00
Personalized Silver Stacking Ring$52.00
Constellation Bar Necklace in Gold$51.00
Constellation Bar Necklace$51.00
Blessing Band / I Love Who I Am$83.00
Blessing Band / Smile Breathe & Go Slowly$91.00
Blessing Band / I Love Us$86.00
Blessing Band / Stay Patient, Trust The Journey$78.00
Blessing Band / Love You to the Moon and Back$102.00
Blessing Band / Truthful Gentle Fearless$89.00
Blessing Band / My Faith Is Bigger Than My Fear$94.00
Personalized Cuff Bracelet Set$56.00
Eternity Gold & Silver Necklace$80.00
Personalized Encircles In Mixed Metal$68.00
Personalized Open Circle Necklace$69.00
Best Friend / Bridesmaid Moon Necklaces$63.00