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Alchemy Birthstone Ring$60.00
Birthday Blossoms Necklaces$52
Chalice Triangle Necklace$68
Circadian Hoop Earrings$54.00
Enveloped in Love Intention Necklace$77
Fire Element Triangle Earrings$64
Freedom Feather Cuff$75
Gypset Droplet Earrings$53.00
Imbued Turquoise Necklace$54
Inner Circle Necklace$85.00
Mini Bar Necklace$45
Trust Your Growth Toggle Necklace$66
Orbit of Love Personalized Charm Necklace$46.00
Personalized Toggle Charm Bracelet$57
Satellite Chain Choker in Sterling or Gold$34
Rain Double Drop Hoop Earrings$58
You & Me Heart Necklace$45
You’ve Got the Power Chunky Rings$54.00
Flying Heart Necklace$68
Mountain Range Cuff$78.00
Open Square Simple Ring$45
Square Hoop Earrings$53.00
Sterling Silver or Gold Square Necklace$69.00
The Helix Wire Wrap Fine Metal Ring$56
The Simple, Delicate and Meaningful Orbit Ring$52
Constellation Bar Necklace$56
Ocean Jasper Leather Wrap Bracelet$84.00
Hammered Sterling, Gold, or Rose Gold Oval Earrings$58.00
Simple Sterling, Rose, or Yellow Gold Oval Ring$45
Lucky Horseshoe Necklace$68