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Blessing Band / I Am Determined$89.00
BlessingBand / I Am Bee-utiful$82.00
Blessing Band / I Am Powerful$89.00
Serenity Patina Stacking Cuffs$49.00
Personalized Pet Cuff Bracelet$76.00
Green Patina Boho Hammered Cuff$90.00
I AM Centered Empowering Necklace$62.00
Gold and Silver Leaf Open Earrings$72
Crescent Moon Textured Copper Reversible Hoop Earrings$58
3 Inch Gold Leaf Open Earrings$59
Reverse Cuffs / Power Phrase Cuffs$27.00
Stacking Ring Set with Heart Ring$111.00
White Mother of Pearl Cocktail Ring$69.00
Bee Free Empowering Necklace$62.00
Serenity Patina Cuffs$47.00
ONE Personalized Hair Stick or Book Mark$18.00
CLEARANCE Serenity Patina Stacking Bangles – MARKED DOWN 20% FROM ORIGINAL PRICE!$82.00
Serenity Patina Stacking Rings$112.00
Lucky Horseshoe Ring$45.00
Lucky Horseshoe Necklace$62