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Blessing Band Cuff / I Love Who I Am$60.00
Blessing Band Cuff / I Am Powerful$65.00
Blessing Band Cuff / Stay Weird$44.00
Blessing Band Cuff / I Am Fearlessly Authentic$65.00
Fearless Wire Necklace$49
Blessing Band / What If I Fall? Oh My Darling What If You Fly?$84.00
You Are Wrapped Around My Heart Ring – Traditional$50.00
Love Stack Silver and Copper Stacking Rings$88
WARRIOR Necklace / Motivational Gift$86.00
Blessing Band Cuff / Stay Patient, Trust The Journey$58.00
WARRIOR Blessing Band / You Are A Warrior$82.00
Reverse Cuffs / Power Phrase Cuffs$25.00
Stacking Ring Set with Heart Ring$103.00
FABULOUS Custom Designed Brown Leather Fringe Bag$352
Love Stack Rose Stacking Rings$88
Personalized Beefy Adjustable Rustic Gold Dust Initial Ring Band$46.00
Rustic Inspirational Silver Copper and Gold Spinner Ring$101.00
Silk Wrap Personalized With Power Word$43
Hand Dyed THICK Silk Wrap Power Phrase Cord Bracelet$49.00
ONE Personalized Hair Stick or Book Mark$17.00
Green Patina Hummingbird Necklace$46.00
CLEARANCE Inspirational Green Patina Wing Necklace – MARKED DOWN 20% FROM ORIGINAL PRICE!$70
Rustic JOY Stacking Rings$95.00