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Aspire to Inspire Adjustable Wrap Ring$15
Go Do You Gift For Her Cuff$46
Journey On 2018 Graduation Necklace$49
Shine On Stacking Ring Set$55
Blessing Band / I Love Who I Am$74.00
Blessing Band / Smile Breathe & Go Slowly$84.00
Blessing Band / I Am Determined$82.00
Blessing Band / I Choose To Be Happy$72.00
Blessing Band / Be Brave$78.00
Blessing Band / Carpe Diem$78.00
Blessing Band / I Am Fearlessly Authentic$82.00
BlessingBand / I Am Bee-utiful$82.00
Blessing Band / With Brave Wings She Flies$82.00
Blessing Band / Truthful Gentle Fearless$82.00
Blessing Band / Explore Travel Adventure Live$82.00
Blessing Band / I Am Powerful$82.00
Personalized Stacking Cuffs$105.00
Blessing Band Cuff / Brave Wings She Flies$65.00
Follow Your Bliss Silver Gold Hammered Cuffs$78.00
Blessing Band Cuff / Be Brave$63.00
Blessing Band Cuff / Be Your Own Hero$68.00
Blessing Band Cuff / Truthful Gentle Fearless$52.00
Blessing Band Cuff / Explore Travel Adventure Live$65.00
Raised Heart Necklace$35.00
Blessing Band Cuff / Wake Pray Slay$65.00
2 Inch Gold Heart Hoops$49
Rose Gold Heart Hoops$49
Massive Jasper 24K Gold Electroformed Necklace$82
Green Patina Boho Hammered Cuff$83
Copper Feather Earrings$59