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Eternity Gold & Silver Necklace$74.
Personalized Encircles In Mixed Metal$63
Personalized Open Circle Necklace$64.00
Best Friend / Bridesmaid Moon Necklaces$58
Bold Gold Circle Infinite Necklace$68.00
Blessing Band Cuff / Be Brave$67
Peace Comes From Within Empowering Necklace$55.00
Leather Initials Cuff$68
Turquoise Leather Rustic Cuff$104
Moroccan Glow Skinny Stacking Cuffs$95.00
2 Inch Gold Heart Hoops$49
Rose Gold Heart Hoops$49
I Love You Mama Personalized Cuff Set$92
Shooting Star Necklace$49.00
Massive Jasper 24K Gold Electroformed Necklace$82
Copper Feather Earrings$59
Blessing Band Cuff / I Am Bee-Utiful$69
Mint Patina Stacking Bangles$157.
CLEARANCE Forest Dreams Patina Stacking Bangles – MARKED DOWN 20% FROM ORIGINAL PRICE!$123
Blessing Band Cuff / Breathe Believe Receive$66
Starry Night Patina Stacking Bangles$174.00
Hammered Silver Infinity Bangle Bracelet$52
Nine Nu Gold Silver Copper Stacking Bangles$119
Fearless Wire Necklace$49
Mint Patina Nugget Stacking Rings$104
Nu Gold Genuine Turquoise Ring$79.00
Blessing Band Cuff / I Love Us$61
Patina Paddle Necklace$88.00
Silver Feather Earrings$55
Personalized Fine Metal Bar Necklace$59.00