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Clarity Crystal Point Raw Necklace$27
Freedom Feather Cuff$63
Raw Citrine Electroformed Stacking Ring$51
Crystal Power Cuff$85
Delicate Personalized Alphabet Charms Necklace$45
Delicate Simple Yin Yang Balance Necklace$55
Delicate Wishbone Drop Earrings$55
Delicate, Simple and Inspirational Mindful Mini Necklace$52
Delicately Simple Soaring Bird Necklace$42
Raw Amethyst Electroformed Ring$46
Raw Amethyst Leather Wrap Bracelet$66
Raw Australian Opal Electroformed Ring$62
Raw, Organic, Genuine Aquamarine Electroformed Ring$46
Simple Delicate Stud Earrings$25
Sterling Silver and Moonstone Reverse Moon Cuff$107
Sterling Silver Moon Ring$52
Sterling Silver Round Tiny Opal Rings$62
Thankful Cuff$52
You Have My Heart Cuff$39
Zen Garden Patina Bangles$147
Zen Garden Patina Cuffs$110
Infinity Necklace$71
Warrior Goddess Necklace$91
Fluted Japanese Fan Necklace$61
WARRIOR Blessing Band / Wake Pray Slay$82.00
Blessing Band / Love Family Happiness Health$82.00
With Brave Wings She Flies Inspirational Bracelet Cuff Set$93
She Believed She Could So She Did Personalized Cuff with Heart$93
She Believed She Could So She Did Personalized Cuff with Raised Star$93
Glitzy Textured Stacking Cuffs$44