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Birthstone Cuffs$74
Chalice Triangle Necklace$57
Clarity Crystal Point Raw Necklace$27
Clarity Crystal Quartz Raw Ring$52
CLEARANCE Simple Halo Ring$41.40
CLEARANCE Sterling Silver Moon Cuff$60
Clockwork Earrings in Cosmic Blue, Darkened or Shiny Gold$42
Cosmic Blue Disk Earrings$44
Elemental Earrings$32
Elemental Necklace$39
Elemental Stacking Ring$34
Equilateral Drop Earrings$44
Fire Element Triangle Earrings$54
Freedom Feather Cuff$63
Gilded Gold and Black Leather Earrings$28
Insight Oval Necklace$52
Intention Wheels Necklace$55
Meridian Interlocking Circle Earrings$63
Mini Elemental Necklace$48
Nuit Onyx Earrings$31
Nuit Onyx Necklace$40
Petite Raw Electroformed Stud Earrings$39
Petite Raw Pendant Drop in Citrine, Tourmaline, or Quartz$53
Queen Bee Ring$41
Rain Double Drop Hoop Earrings$49
Raw Citrine Electroformed Stacking Ring$51
Raw Tourmaline and Quartz Chain Earrings$79
Raw Tourmaline Electroformed Bar Ring$52
Raw Tourmaline Electroformed Deco Ring$52
Raw Turquoise Electroformed Hoops$60