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Alchemy Birthstone Cuff$84.00
Alchemy Birthstone Ring$60.00
Gold Imbued Turquoise Necklace$49.00
Kindred Personalized Bangles$63.00
Blue Individual Patina Stacking Cuff$26.00
Blue Patina Individual Stacking Rings$23.00
CLEARANCE Copper Patina Hoop Necklace$50.00
Green Patina Individual Stacking Rings$23.00
Green Patina Rolling Hill Earrings$48
Green Patina Spear Necklace$52.00
Green Spear Earrings$48
Large Copper Mint Patina Earrings$50.00
Mint Dipped Spear Earrings$48
Mint on Brass Individual Patina Stacking Cuff$26.00
Mint on Brass Patina Individual Stacking Rings$23.00
Mint Patina Bar Necklace$50.00
Mixed Metal and Patina Hoop Earrings$64
Mixed Metal and Patina Hoops Necklace$75.00
Patina Double Hoop Earrings$56.00
Purple Patina Individual Stacking Rings$23.00
Raw, Organic, Genuine Aquamarine Electroformed Ring$50.00
Red and Mint Patina Individual Stacking Rings$23.00
Rose Stacking Bangles in Copper or Rose Gold Filled$16.00
Ruby & Green Patina Stacking Rings$124
Small Copper Patina Hoops$45.00
Ginkgo Leaf Earrings$45
Rose Gold, Silver & Gold Stacking Ring Set$72.00
Gold Stacking Bangles in Nu Gold or Yellow Gold Filled$16.00
Rose Gold Hammered Stacking Rings$13.00