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CLEARANCE | Initial Charm Necklace$25
Reverse Cuffs / Power Phrase Cuffs$25.00
Three Nu Gold Stacking Bangles with Personalized Disk$55.00
Personalized Fine Metal Rings$44
Personalized Rings$28.00
Personalized Beefy Adjustable Rustic Gold Dust Initial Ring Band$46.00
Personalized Baby Bangle with Sterling Wing$80
Personalized New Baby Bangle$86.00
Silk Wrap Personalized With Power Word$43
Hand Dyed THICK Silk Wrap Power Phrase Cord Bracelet$49.00
Silver Circle Unity Necklace$51.00
Personalized Initial Charm Necklace$59
Leather Double-Wrap Personalized Cuff$48.00
Personalized Name or Phrase Bangle$47.00
Personalized Mama Cuff Bracelet$72.00
4 Hammered Personalized Gold Stacking Bangle CUFFS / Just Breathe$
Personalized Name or Word Necklace$53.00
Beautiful and safe polishing cloth$7