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Nesting Sapphire Teardrop Necklace$59
Blue Individual Patina Stacking Cuff$24
Copper Patina Hoop Necklace$54
Delicate and Empowering String of Strength Stone Necklace$42
Delicate Druzy Necklace$37
Delicate Simple Yin Yang Balance Ring$47
EquALLity Cuff$42
Flower Earrings$27
Gold Infinity and Custom Bar Lariat$67
Green Patina Rolling Hill Earrings$44
Green Spear Earrings$44
Milestone Necklaces / Decade Necklaces$49
Mint on Brass Individual Patina Stacking Cuff$24
Organic, Raw Genuine Tri Emerald Unity, Love, Compassion Ring$69
Organic, Raw, Genuine Tiny Aquamarine Pendants$59
Raw Australian Opal Electroformed Ring$62
Raw, Organic, Genuine Aquamarine Electroformed Ring$46
Seascape Narrative Cuff$52
Seascape Narrative Ring$52
Silver Stacking Bangles in Sterling Silver or German Silver$23
Simple Delicate Electroformed Druzy Bracelet$39
Sterling Silver Round Tiny Opal Rings$62
Treescape Narrative Cuff$52
Treescape Narrative Ring$52
Fluted Japanese Fan Necklace$61
Blessing Band / Stay Weird$56.00
Personalized Cuff Bracelet Set$52.00
Silver and Copper Latch Cuff Bracelet$87.00
Ocean Jasper Leather Wrap Bracelet$78
Silver Triangle Open Wire Cuff$63.00